Berkeley College Officers and Campus Operating Officers

Dr. Dario A. Cortes

Dr. Glen Zeitzer

Senior Vice Presidents
Dr. Beth Coyle, Administration
Diane Recinos, Enrollment Management

Associate Provosts
Dr. Troy Adair, Academic Administration
Dr. Marianne Vakalis, Faculty Affairs

Assistant Provost
Kristin Rowe, Advisement

Vice Presidents
William A. Brandt, Jr., Chief Compliance Officer
Howard Leslie, Financial Aid
Christine Richard, Enrollment

Campus Operating Officers
Dr. Beth Coyle, Interim, New York City
Sharon Goldstein, Online
Stan Holland, Newark
Debra Mallamace, Woodbridge
Linda Pinsky-Mauro, Woodland Park
Evan Miller, Paramus
Will Moya, Assistant, New York City
Cynthia Rubino, White Plains and Vice President Government Relations, New York
Conrad Walker, Brooklyn



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