School of Liberal Arts Faculty Accomplishments

In October 2017, Melissa Baralt, PhD, Math and Sciences, appeared on the Nivel Magazine Hispanic lifestyle series “Desayuno del Domingo.” Dr. Baralt discussed the many ways she helps Latino and minority students succeed, as well as the importance of education and a positive lifestyle.

In August 2017, Yesudas Choondassery, PhD, Humanities and Social Sciences, received the 2017 Honors Program Faculty Excellence Award at the Honors Program reception. Dr. Choondassery also presented “An Ethics of Human Flourishing: Indian Dalit’s Struggle for Human Rights” at the fifth annual International Conference on Asian Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada, in June 2017.

In September 2017, Byron Hargrove, PhD, Humanities and Social Sciences and Director, Honors Program, served as a peer-reviewer for “Profiles of Burnout among Professional Psychologists,” a manuscript submission that is being evaluated for publication in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

In August 2017, Heidi Hoefinger, PhD, Math and Sciences, co-presented “Sex Work, Migration and Trafficking in NYC – Preliminary Findings from the Sexual Humanitarianism Study” at the 67th annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems in Montreal, Canada. She also participated in a panel discussion at the conference titled “Challenging and Resisting Neo/Liberalism in Sexualities Activism and Research.” In June 2017, Dr. Hoefinger presented at a meeting of the UN General Assembly on the appraisal of the United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. The meeting brought together stakeholders to formulate a plan on how to deal with human trafficking globally. She is the co-author of “At-Risk or Socially Deviant? Conflicting Narratives and Grassroots Organizing of Sex/Entertainment Workers and LGBT Communities in Cambodia,” an article published in “Sex Workers’ Rights: Looking toward the Future,” a special issue of SocialSciences, in August 2017.

In October 2017, Peter Lubrecht, PhD, English, was appointed to the Advisory Board of the German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA. The national membership organization, which runs the German-American Heritage Museum in Washington, D.C., promotes German language and culture in the United States and works toward preserving the history of Americans of German ancestry. Dr. Lubrecht is the author of Weekly Thoughts from the Life of Martin Luther, a book published in October 2017. Proceeds from the book will be donated to local food banks and pantries.

Thomas R. Miller, PhD, Humanities and Social Sciences, is the author of “I Cannot Tell Where its House is’: Shamans, Spirits, and Singing Diseases among the Kolyma Yukaghir,” a paper about the use of sonic anthropology to study singing diseases – outbreaks of neurological and behavioral disorders known as “arctic hysteria.” Dr. Miller presented his paper at the 2017 University of the Arctic Rectors’ Forum and International Academic Conference at King’s College, University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen, Scotland, in August 2017.

In July 2017, Donn Mitchell, Humanities and Social Sciences, presented “Gladstone, Butler, and Conscience in the Anglican Tradition” at the Gladstone Umbrella conference at Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom. The conference featured presentations on various aspects of the life and work of the Victorian-era Prime Minister, Sir William Gladstone.

Filippa Modesta, PhD, English, is the author of “Humor Appearance and Reality in Pirandello,” a paper published by Rivista di Studi Italiani, the international peer-reviewed journal, in August 2017.

Michael Montlack, English, is the author of “The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus,” a poem published in the magazine Tupelo Quarterly in October 2017.

Francesco Ranci, Humanities and Social Sciences, is the author of the preface to “La Mente Vista da un Cibernetico,” a series of lectures by Italian philosopher and linguist Silvio Ceccato. Initially published in 1972, Mr. Ranci’s preface appears in a version published by Mimesis in October 2017.

In October 2017, Hui-wen Tu, Humanities and Social Sciences, co-presented “Measurable Learning Objectives for Flipped Classroom” at the World Conference on E-Learning in Vancouver, Canada.

In October 2017, Maria Katerina Ventouras, Humanities and Social Sciences, was inducted into Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. She is enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy program for Psychology at Grand Canyon University, and will begin her dissertation in June 2018.

In September 2017, Hugo Walter, PhD, English, led a book club discussion on the novel The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton and its 1993 film adaptation at Princeton Windrows, an independent living facility in Plainsboro, NJ. Dr. Walter also led a book club discussion on the folk tale Cinderella by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm at Princeton Windrows in July 2017.

Jonathan Weidenbaum, PhD, Humanities and Social Sciences, is displaying his photography of South Asia at Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan. The exhibit explores three culturally rich areas of South Asia – the Punjab region of northwest India, the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, and the island country of Sri Lanka, which Dr. Weidenbaum visited while on sabbatical in 2016 and 2017.