Assessment and Evaluations

The main purpose of student learning assessment is to improve learning.

Assessment is an integral part of a cycle that fosters improvement. The cycle works best when the parts are carefully aligned and instructors are guided by researched and proven practices as well as informed by data derived from judging the quality of the actual work that students do (Miller, 2009).

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching works closely with faculty, chairs, deans, and administration to identify assessment points, interpret data, and create development programs to address the needs of the individual, department, school, and institution.

Individuals are encouraged to consult with CELT to discuss their syllabi, review evaluations, or just to brainstorm ideas. In addition, CELT will assist with creating solid assessment tools to integrate into faculty members' courses in order to help students and faculty evaluate their work.

Department chairs are encouraged to consult with CELT in regards to specific individual or department assessment needs based on student and faculty feedback.

Source: Miller, R. (2009). Ideas for program assessment. Personal communication.