Larry L. Luing School of Business
Faculty Accomplishments

Barbara Adamczyk, Management, received a Certificate of Distinction for completing the Coursera courses “Foundations of Teaching for Learning 5: Planning for Teaching and Learning” and “Foundations of Teaching for Learning 6: Introduction to Student Assessment.” Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide to offer free online courses.

Guy Adamo, Ph.D., Associate Chair, Fashion, was named the New York University (NYU) 2014 Business and Workplace Education Alumni of the Year. Dr. Adamo was chosen for the award because he has professionally distinguished himself since graduating from NYU’s doctoral program in Business Education/Higher Education in 2008.

Kwaku Ampadu-Nyarkoh, Ph.D., Management, presented “Attitudes and Orientations toward Sub-Saharan Markets” at the 2014 Global Conference on Business and Finance in Costa Rica in May.

Rahul Bedi, Ph.D., Associate Chair, Management, and Darshan Desai, Ph.D., Management, received first prize for an Action Plan they presented at the New York Campus Compact Engagement Academy’s conference in June. The conference theme was “Higher Education at a Watershed Moment: The Importance of Engagement as an Institutional Strategy.” The professors also presented their Action Plan to the President’s Cabinet at Berkeley College.

Rahul Bedi, Ph.D., Associate Chair, Management, and Darshan Desai, Ph.D., Management, are also co-authors of “Corporate Governance Bundles for Emerging Markets,” a chapter that will be published in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in September.

Margaret Biner, Marketing, served as a judge for the Kean University Undergraduate Business Plan Competition in March.

Darshan Desai, Ph.D., Management, is the author of “Social Software: Silver Bullet or an Enabler of Competitive Advantage?” which was published in the book Grand Successes and Failures in IT: Public and Private Sectors (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013). Dr. Desai also is the author of “The competitive advantage of adaptive networks: an extension of the dynamic capability view,” which was published in the International Journal of Business Environment (Volume 5, No. 4).

Christian Ehiobuche, Ph.D., Management, received the Franklin 2013 Award for Excellence in Research. Dr. Ehiobuche also received the Best Research Article Award for 2013 from the International Journal of Arts & Sciences.

William Filerino, Ph.D., Fashion, serves as a Courseload Coach for associates and professors using PowerPoint’s Courseload at Arizona State University.

Nashwa George, Ph.D., CMA, Accounting and Finance, has been named to the Editorial Board of the International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE). The IABE is a leading global organization of academic scholars, business executives, students and public policy makers in business, economics and related fields.

Thomas Kernodle, Ph.D., Management, co-presented “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Business Management Courses” at the Tri-State Best Practices Conference in March at Bergen Community College.

Diane Maglio, Fashion, presented “Material Culture, Object Analysis and Critical Thinking in the Curriculum” at the Tri-State Best Practices Conference in March at Bergen Community College.

Ashford Maharaj, Ph.D., Accounting and Finance, was interviewed about his research study “Frontier Capital Markets: Issues and Challenges for Caribbean Stock Exchanges” on July 4 and 5 on WIN, a Caribbean television channel. In addition, Dr. Maharaj presented his research paper at the Business and Applied Science Academy of North American International Conference at Ramapo College of New Jersey in June.

Jimmy McCarty, Ph.D., Management, presented “Making the Right Decisions” at a training conference sponsored by the Montgomery County Providers Association for Excellence in Service. The presentation, held in March, was attended by 36 nonprofit organizations in Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania.

Martin Shapiro, Ph.D., Marketing, presented “Cross Cultural Diversity: A Mosaic Approach to International Education (Edumarketing)” at the International Association of Business Disciplines conference in San Diego, CA, in April.

Ira Weissman, C.P.A., Accounting and Finance, received an award from the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants in recognition of more than 40 years of distinguished service.

Andrzej Wlodarczyk, Management, is the author of Academe Demarcated No More: Disciplines and Interdisciplinarity (AuthorHouse 2014). The purpose of this three-year-long case study was to explore and gain an in-depth understanding of the process of collaborative teaching as an alternative method of instruction in higher education.

Robert Woods, Fashion, was interviewed in his home by Deborah Hodge, D.P.S., for her show, “Arts Resuscitation,” which aired on YouTube. Professor Woods spoke about the years he worked in Europe as a Gucci designer. Click here to watch the interview.