Public Safety Department

Berkeley College Emergency Management Plan

New York City Emergency Contact Information

Address: 3 East 43 Street New York NY 10017
Main Telephone Number: 212-986-4343
Fax Number: 212-818-1169

In the event of a serious emergency, all personnel are instructed to dial 911.

The following list provides the names/agencies of other people who may also be contacted in an emergency.

For policies and procedures to be followed in an emergency situation, please refer to the Berkeley College Emergency Management Master Plan, the Crisis Media Policy, and the Disaster Information Policy.


New York City:

 Police and Fire Emergency  911
 Police non-emergency  Comm. William Bratton  212-809-4887
 Fire non-emergency  Comm. Daniel Nigro  212-570-4265
 Board of Health  311




 Emergency Management  311
 Prosecutor  212-335-8900
 Sheriff  212-341-0300
 Civil Defense  N/A
 Health Department  212-364-4600

State Police (1 Central Park West)


 NY Department of Environmental Protection  718-595-7000
 NY Poison Control Center  212-764-7667


Federal Government:

 FBI  212-384-1000
 ATF  800-283-4867
 US Marshals  212-264-0380
 National Response Center for Chemical, Oil
   and Chemical/Biological Terrorism  800-424-8802
 American Red Cross  212-874-5839

Hospitals/Medical Services:

 NY Presbyterian (ER)  212-297-4545
 Beth Israel Medical Center  212-870-9000
 Cornell Medical Center  212-746-4250
 Bellevue Hospital Center  212-562-4141
 Mount Sinai Medical Center  212-241-6500
 Ambulance Service  911


 Bridge and Tunnel Authority  212-360-3000
 NYC Transit (Bus/R.R)  888-682-9117

Emergency Housing Location(s):

 Holiday Inn  
 440 W. 57th St., NY, NY 10019  212-581-8100
 111 E. 48th St., NY, NY 10017  212-755-5900
 Rihga Royal  
 151 W. 54th St., NY, NY 10019  212-307-5000
 The Waldorf  
 301 Park Ave, NY, NY 10022  212-355-3000
 234 W. 42nd St., NY, NY 10036  212-840-8222


 Con Edison  212-780-6740
 Verizon  800-405-0344
 Water  718-595-7000


 Chief of Police  
 William Bratton  212-646-5000
 Chief of Fire Department  
 Fire Department  
 Daniel Nigro  212-809-4887
 Municipal Emergency Coordinator  
 Joseph Esposito  311
 Mayor‘s Office:  
 Bill deBlasio  311
 District Emergency Coordinator  
 Michael Lisenco  718-258-7830
 Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)  212-680-3600
 Hazardous Materials Control (HazMat)  800-424-8802











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