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Berkeley College Ira Weissman

How to Succeed as an Accounting Student



Berkeley College Ira Weissman


Ira Weissman, CPA, CGMA, is a Professor in the Accounting and Finance Department, Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business®. A Certified Public Accountant in New York, New Jersey, and Arizona and a Chartered Global Management Accountant, Professor Weissman offers the following advice on how to succeed as an Accounting student at Berkeley College:

  • Students who enter this program must have a passion for accounting. It’s a rigorous major that requires real commitment. The rewards are well worth the effort.
  • Good oral and written communication skills are vital in this profession. Accounting students need to hone in on liberal arts courses to perfect these skills.
  • Students must pay attention to the computer courses that are offered within the Accounting program. These courses are very relevant to the major.
  • Today clients rely on their accountants for all sorts of advice. To address these needs, it’s important for students studying accounting to get a basic understanding of business by taking marketing and management courses.
  • The internship experience helps students learn the practice of what goes on in the business world. Students should discuss with Career Services the type of work they would like to do and the type of industry in which they would like to work.
  • Before committing to an internship, students should meet with a company representative and ask questions to make sure the position is a good fit. Once in the internship, it’s important to dress in business attire, meet every deadline, and learn as much as possible from the experience.

Professor Weissman said that there are tremendous avenues open to students in the Accounting program. They may obtain CPA certification and work as certified public accountants, in corporate America, for the U.S. government, or for a nonprofit organization.

“The field of accounting is constantly changing. To be successful within this profession requires a commitment to ongoing education, whether through online or on-site courses,” Mr. Weissman said.

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