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Executive B.B.A.

Executive B.B.A. Fall 2017



Executive B.B.A.


Berkeley College is pleased to introduce the new Executive B.B.A. that will make its debut in Fall 2017. This 7-week interval course structure will be offered to online students that register for Business Administration-Management and General Business degree programs.

As an innovator in online education for 20 years, Berkeley College is proud to add the new, condensed 7- week course module to its repertoire.

Sharon Goldstein, Campus Operating Officer for Berkeley College Online® notes the benefit to this particular course format. “The Executive BBA will provide students with a lighter load; there will be less ‘switching of gears’ between courses, and students can be more focused on fewer courses at a time yet still finish the semester with the same course load they may have taken in a 15 week semester. “

There is an interview process that students must participate in to be approved for the program. Berkeley College Admissions representatives will conduct these interviews to ensure that those interested are prepared to take courses in this manner.

"Taking a 7-week course is extremely beneficial to those who are driven. It allows me to focus on fewer courses at any given time while still earning full-time credits. It also helps me balance coursework with my job and other responsibilities," said Ivori Copes, a student who took a 7-week course as part of her studies at Berkeley.

Goldstein adds, “This is a very exciting addition to the already diverse options offered at Berkeley!”

To learn more about the Executive B.B.A. and enrollment, click here.