One Berkeley: Building on a Legacy of Excellence and Achievement

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One Berkeley: Building on a Legacy of Excellence and Achievement, lays out a strategic plan that calls upon every individual within Berkeley to play a part in making retention and graduation, employment outcomes, accessibility and affordability, innovation and competitiveness, and identity and reputation the College’s top priorities.

Mission Statement

Berkeley College empowers students to achieve lifelong success in dynamic careers.

Institutional Goals

Goal 1: Retention and Graduation
Berkeley College will offer an environment that supports a student’s path from enrollment to graduation.

Strategy 1: Research, develop and implement data-driven, segmented admissions strategies to enroll students at Berkeley College who demonstrate promise for success.

Strategy 2: Provide more active, clear, and sustained direction and support for students in their Berkeley College experience.

Strategy 3: Engage Faculty, Staff and Alumni in assisting students to graduate on time.

Strategy 4: Articulate and implement a holistic vision of successful teaching at Berkeley College.

Strategy 5: Facilitate student ability to develop a holistic professional identity through meaningful academic and co-curricular experiences.

Strategy 6: Develop targeted approaches that facilitate adult learner certificate and degree completion.

Goal 2: Employment Outcomes
Berkeley College will prepare and provide students with opportunities for employment and advancement in dynamic careers.

Strategy 1: Integrate preparation for employment more fully into the academic curriculum.

Strategy 2: Offer applied academic programs that align with the needs of local and regional employers.

Strategy 3: Strengthen the internship program to support student professional growth and meet employer needs.

Goal 3: Accessibility and Affordability
Berkeley College will be accessible and affordable for a diverse population of students while maintaining sound institutional finances.

Strategy 1: Adjust the college’s academic calendar to better meet the needs of our students.

Strategy 2: Modify the tuition and financial aid models to adapt to the changing needs of the institution and its students.

Strategy 3: Identify and reduce financial barriers to Graduation.

Strategy 4: Improve operational efficiencies.

Strategy 5: Optimize the benefits of a multi-campus system.

Goal 4: Innovation and Competitiveness
Berkeley College will create a culture that embraces innovation and fosters the College’s competitiveness.

Strategy 1: Create an open and engaging environment that empowers faculty and staff to be creative and innovative.

Strategy 2: Develop and coordinate institutional activities to facilitate the expansion of effective global educational initiatives.

Goal 5: Identity and Reputation
Berkeley College will develop a clear brand identity, educate both internal and external audiences on the benefits of a Berkeley experience, and strengthen its reputation.

Strategy 1: Establish a compelling identity for Berkeley College that ensures recognition among various audience segments.

Strategy 2: Implement a Reputation Management initiative to identify/address potential threats and provide measures to protect the reputation of the College and support its mission and identity.

Strategy 3: Create and promote alliances among business, government, alumni, education, community, and non-profit organizations.