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2015-2020 Berkeley College Strategic Plan

Dear Berkeley Community,

The planning process for Berkeley College's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is underway. I am pleased to report that broad goal areas have been approved and that faculty and staff from across the College have been selected to serve on task forces to refine the strategies detailing how each goal will be accomplished and assessed.

I would like to thank the Strategic Planning Committee and task forces for their time and work to date, and the faculty and staff who provided valuable feedback in response to the surveys.

The Strategic Planning Newsletter provides valuable information to keep the Berkeley College community up-to-date on the strategic planning process and college-wide initiatives that have taken place. I encourage all Berkeley College faculty and staff to stay informed about the Strategic Plan. Your participation in the process is an opportunity to be heard and will lead to the continued success of Berkeley College.


Dario A. Cortes, Ph.D.

President, Berkeley College


Strategic Planning Newsletter

Vision for the Future: Strategic Planning 2015-2020

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