"Berkeley Cares" for Japan


Dear Berkeley Community,

As a result of the email message that I sent last week, I am thrilled with the outpouring of offers from our Berkeley Community to become involved with our Berkeley Cares fundraising efforts for Japan. In response to your passionate concern and offers to help, I would like to announce that Berkeley College will be matching the monies raised by our community for the Japan relief efforts up to $10,000.

The donations will be distributed to four relief organizations:

The American Red Cross - Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief

Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund

New York City's Mayor's Fund - Japan Earthquake Tsunami Fund

Save the Children - Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief

To participate in this matching program, please donate cash or write a check payable to Berkeley College and indicate on the bottom which organization you have selected. The Office of Student Development and Campus Life at each location will be responsible for the collection of donations.

Christina Seeber - Online, ext. 6400, cts@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Victoria Gray - NYC, ext. 4213, vgr@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Melissa Vidam - BBK ext. 4675, mav@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Sharod Tomlinson - WST ext. 4212, slt@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Amy Young - GMT ext. 1323, amy@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Kevin Frey - MDL ext. 2330, kcf@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Sandra Garcia - NWK ext. 6185, sdg@BerkeleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Litvak - PAR ext. 1736, jrl@BerkeleyCollege.edu

To ensure that we act quickly and respond to the needs of the nation of Japan, the last day of the matching campaign will be April 29, 2011. Our goal is to reach the $10,000 fundraising mark so that the amount will be fully matched by Berkeley College.


Dario A. Cortes, PhD
Berkeley College


Dario A. Cortes, PhD

Berkeley College President Dario A. Cortes, PhD

Office of the President