Liz Barrett, Vice President, Academic Advisement, Berkeley College

Liz Barrett

Vice President, Academic Advisement

Liz Barrett was named Vice President, Academic Advisement, in March 2014. In this role, she manages a comprehensive advising system, on-site and online, for undergraduate students. She also is responsible for the integration of advisement to serve the educational goals of all students and creating, planning and implementing a new model for academic advisement at all locations.

Ms. Barrett previously served as Berkeley College Assistant Vice President, Advisement, and Dean, Advisement, Online. Before joining Berkeley College, she was Director of Learner Services and Adult Program Management at Centenary College and a Marine Account Executive at International Bond and Marine.

Her professional affiliations include the National Academic Advising Association; the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, where she has a certificate as a Prior Learning Assessment Master; and the Adult and Professional Programs Advisory Board. She serves as Chair of the Consortium for the Advancement of Adult Higher Education.

Ms. Barrett holds an M.S. in Management from Centenary College and a B.S. in Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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