Certificate Program Tuition and Fees

  Applicable to the summer 2016 and fall 2016 semesters Applicable to the winter 2017 and spring 2017 semesters
Medical Assistant (4 quarters) (2 semesters) $19,200 $19,200 
Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding (4 quarters)  (2 semesters) $19,200 $19,200 
Patient Care Technician (3 quarters) (2 semesters) $14,800 $17,500 
Practical Nurse (5 quarters) (3 semesters) $28,950 $31,000 
Surgical Processing Technician (3 quarters) (2 semesters) $16,350 $16,350 

*Includes tuition, books, background check where appropriate, and the cost of the first certification/licensure examination. Program tuition will be reduced for students who transfer courses into a certificate program.

For certificate students, failed courses will lead to a repeat charge assessed on a per-credit basis.


• 9 or more credits $300 per quarter
• 8 or fewer credits $150 per quarter
• 9 or more credits $250 per quarter
• 8 or fewer credits $125 per quarter
Late registration $50 per instance


Applicable to the summer 2016 and fall 2016 semesters Applicable to the winter 2017 and spring 2017 semesters

• 9 or more credits $450 per semester $450 per semester
• 8 or fewer credits $225 per semester $225 per semester

• 9 or more credits $375 per semester $400 per semester
• 8 or fewer credits $187 per semester $200 per semester
Late registration $50 per instance $50 per instance 


Practical Nurse students, Patient Care Technician students, and Surgical Technology students are also required to purchase their own malpractice insurance. Total costs may average $40-$50 for Patient Care Technician students and $70-$90 for Practical Nurse students (for $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in the aggregate), and $35-$45 for Surgical Technology students (for $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in the aggregate).

Upon program completion, Practical Nurse students are required to register and pay for the NCLEX-PN examination using their personal credit card. Once receipt of payment is obtained, students should submit their receipt to the Nursing Department so they can be reimbursed for the Pearson Vue testing fee.


If a student officially withdraws or is dismissed from the College before the completion of the program, credit will be issued as follows:

Notification Date Student Tuition Responsibility
During the first week of the program 10% tuition
Weeks two and three of the program 20% tuition
After three weeks and prior to 25% of the program  45% tuition
After 25% of the program and before 50% 70% tuition
After 50% of the program is completed 100% tuition

A student enrolling in a certificate program is responsible for the total cost of the program subject to the schedule above.



Most programs of study use customized eBooks that are not available from other sources. A few programs, however, may use traditional textbooks. Charges for both customized eBooks and traditional textbooks are included in the tuition charge. Students in programs where traditional textbooks are used have the right to obtain them from other sources. Students who choose to do so may request refunds. Purchase and pricing information for each traditional textbook is available from the Berkeley College Store at BerkeleyStore.BerkeleyCollege.edu.

Some programs may also require additional books, supplies or other costs that are not included in the tuition charge. Detailed information on those requirements is available at BerkeleyCollege.edu/disclosures/.      


Costs for supplies, field trips, and other classroom-related expenses are estimated at $960 per academic year (three terms) for Certificate programs. Living expenses may vary considerably. Estimated room and board costs for students not living in Berkeley College facilities range between $4,149 and $14,529 per academic year. The lower range is for dependent students living at home while the higher range is generally for students living away from home. Personal expenses are estimated to be $3,345, and transportation averages $3,519 per academic year. Actual expenses vary based on personal situations and choices.

Berkeley College does not offer a student health insurance plan or require students to demonstrate health insurance coverage prior to enrollment. However, the College strongly recommends coverage.


Billing for tuition and fees is done in each term, although the student may make one payment in full for the entire academic year.

Tuition is payable in advance. Tuition may be paid in person, by mail, or online through Student Self-Service. Payments originating in the United States may be made by check, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. International payments should be made online through Flywire (peerTransfer).

Instructions for registration and payment of bills are sent by mail to all students for their first term. Subsequently, information concerning the status of student accounts is available to students online through Student Self-Service six weeks prior to the start of each term. Please note, however, that information available through Self-Service may not always be accurate and updated, and students are advised to contact Student Accounts for definitive account information. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and pay the term bill on time. Students who fail to do so are charged a late registration fee.

Balances in excess of charges, including deposits, held at the time of withdrawal or dismissal will be applied to outstanding charges. Any overpayment of tuition and fees will be refunded. Please note, however, that residence charges, where applicable, are fully incurred at the start of each term; once the term has started, residence charges will not be refunded.


Residence facilities should be reserved well in advance. Priorities on apartments and room assignments are based on the date residence deposits are received. An advance deposit of $400 is due with the residence application.

The balance of the fee must be paid prior to moving into the residence. If a residence reservation is canceled, the advance deposit is refunded only if the College receives notice in writing at least 60 days prior to the start of the term for which the student originally was accepted.

White Plains

Cottage Place Apartments, a six-story student residence adjacent to the College, features studio apartments with kitchenettes and two- and three-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and living rooms. All studios and bedrooms are designed for double occupancy.

Sussex House, a one-floor student residence located within the College building, features studio apartments with kitchenettes and two-bedroom apartments with kitchens, living rooms, and two bathrooms. All studios are designed for three students and two-bedroom apartments are designed for six students.

View the housing page for more information.

For more information about Berkeley College graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed programs, and other important disclosures, please visit BerkeleyCollege.edu/disclosures/.