Berkeley College seeks to provide students with an education that balances academic preparation, professional training, and hands-on experience. The College considers students for admission to degree and certificate programs on the basis of future potential, the motivation and interest to succeed in a chosen profession, and past academic achievement.

Graduation from high school or the equivalent and an entrance exam or SAT/ACT scores are basic requirements for admission to degree and certificate programs. Documentation of successful completion of high school or the equivalent must be submitted to the College prior to starting classes.

A personal interview is strongly recommended. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Admissions at the campus of their choice to arrange for an appointment with an Admissions Associate. Please allow a minimum of one hour for the visit to discuss educational objectives and career plans, and to receive a tour of the College. For further information, students may also call the College at 800-446-5400 ext. WC1 or email

Since Berkeley maintains a rolling admissions policy, students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. The Committee on Admissions notifies applicants of a decision as soon as all credentials have been evaluated.

High School Applicants: To be considered for admission, the following information must be submitted:

Adult Applicants: Many adult students are striving to balance work and family with college studies, while others have not yet found the time to reenter or even begin college. To meet these special requirements, Berkeley College has established an Adult Admissions Department, which provides an environment that is sensitive to the needs of adult students.

Adults who are first-time college students must submit the following information to be considered for admission:      

Transfer Applicants: Students who graduated from high school or the equivalent and then attended another college or university are considered transfer students. To be considered for admission, the following information must be submitted:

If all post-secondary institutions previously attended are not listed on the admission application, transfer credit may not be granted.

Online Degree Applicants: Many students choose to earn a degree online. The Online Admissions Department works with applicants who are seeking flexibility and convenience to balance college classes with family, work, and other commitments. Prior to course registration, applicants must complete a short introductory online course to familiarize themselves with online learning. Interested students should call 800-446-5400 ext. WC1 or email

Military and Veteran Applicants: Berkeley College is dedicated to assisting veterans, members of the National Guard, active duty military members, and their families achieve college degrees. Veterans and/or dependents planning to receive educational assistance benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) should get VA approval prior to enrollment. Veterans may apply for their GI Bill benefits at the VONAPP website, located at Veterans are required to submit copies of their Certificate of Eligibility and DD214 Member 4 or Service 2 copy during the admissions process in order to process their benefits most effectively. Students must request certification for their benefits at In addition, Berkeley College participates in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Yellow Ribbon Program, partners with the Army in the GoArmyEd program, and is a partner with the Navy Tuition Assistance program.

The Berkeley College Office of Military and Veterans Affairs is dedicated to supporting all veterans, military personnel, and their dependents. More information is available at the Online Veterans Resource Center located at Students should call the College at 800-446-5400 ext. VET or email for further information.

International Applicants: The International Student Department provides assistance to international students in such areas as immigration, visas, housing, orientation to college, and adjustment to life in the United States. This office is located at Berkeley’s New York City campus. Students can contact the International Student Department by phone at 212-687-3730, fax at 212-986-7827, or email at

International students applying for admission should submit an international application form (; a transcript of previously completed education, in English; a TOEFL score, if appropriate; and certification of finances.

Degree Program Applicants: All new students enrolled in degree programs must meet the College's immunization requirements prior to registering for classes.

Healthcare Program Applicants: Students enrolled in the LPN to B.S.N.Medical AssistantPatient Care Technician, Practical Nurse, Surgical Processing Technician, and Surgical Technology programs should refer to their respective Student Handbook Supplements for program-specific immunization requirements.

In addition, students applying to the Health Sciences, LPN to B.S.N., Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Practical Nurse, Surgical Processing Technician, and Surgical Technology programs must provide authorization for a criminal background check prior to registration, and submit a physical assessment by a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician assistant prior to participating in clinical rotations.

Medical Assistant program applicants must complete and sign a Health Record and Supplemental form, which provides technical information, prior to the start of classes. A tetanus shot administered within the past 10 years is also recommended. Hepatitis B vaccination and a tetanus shot are also recommended for part-time students enrolled in the Medical Assistant program.

Practical Nurse and LPN to B.S.N. applicants are required to take the HESI Admissions Exam (A2) for acceptance into the program. The exam consists of science, math and English. Students may purchase a study guide for $35 or borrow one for free. The cost of the exam is $35. The exam may only be taken twice for acceptance.

In addition, applicants to the LPN to B.S.N. program must a) have completed an accredited Practical Nurse program in the United States, b) possess an unrestricted active or inactive practical nurse license, and c) have completed a minimum of 2,080 hours of work as an LPN within the last two years. Prior to acceptance into the program, applicants must also do the following:

Readmissions: Berkeley College has established a Readmissions Department to assist former students, who have been out of attendance for one term or more, with the transition back to college. To be considered for readmission, students should be aware of the following: