Frequently Asked Questions

Will continuing students be able to attend classes at Berkeley College in Dover?
Yes. Classes and full services, including the Library and Center for Academic Success, for all Dover continuing students are offered through April 2018. Berkeley College faculty and the student success team are committed to serving students and to providing the teaching and learning environment that will continue to help students advance their academic and experiential learning objectives. If you are a continuing student at Berkeley College in Dover, NJ, and have met with your Academic Advisor or attended one of the informational sessions, and you still have a question or a concern, please contact Lisa Azzarone in the School of Health Studies, 973-366-6700, Ext. 5125.

What if I want to continue my education at Berkeley College beyond April 2018?
Your Academic Advisor is available to help you determine the best choices for you, including continuing your enrollment at another Berkeley College location or through Berkeley College Online® after April 2018.

How does this impact new students?
Berkeley College is no longer accepting new enrollments at its Dover, NJ, campus. New students who have enrolled at the Dover campus are invited to transfer enrollment to Berkeley College in Woodland Park, NJ.
If a new student chooses not to transfer her or his enrollment to Berkeley College in Woodland Park, cancellation of enrollment and the Berkeley College application will result in the student receiving a full refund of any fees paid to the College.

A student success team has been established to keep new students informed and to provide assistance. For additional information please contact Trisha Farmer, Vice President of Enrollment Services at 914-694-1122, Ext. 1550.

Is there transportation to the Berkeley College campus in Woodland Park?
A shuttle van service is available from Newark Penn Station and two locations in Paterson, NJ. For the current shuttle schedule go to:

When did Berkeley College open its campus in Dover, NJ?
The Dover campus joined the Berkeley College system in 2013 as a result of the merger with Dover Business College. The merger helped Berkeley expand into clinical and certificate programs in health fields, ultimately resulting in the School of Health Studies, which now provides students with added options for earning credentials in health-related fields through certificate programs, and Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs, including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Licensed Practical Nurses.

Why is Berkeley College closing the Dover, NJ, campus?
Berkeley College seeks to provide comprehensive support for its students across the institution’s multi-campus system. The current and projected number of students at the Dover campus limits the ability of Berkeley College to continue to provide robust academic offerings at this location.