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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOCNAV?

SOCNAV is the SOC degree program for the Navy. SOCNAV-2 is made up of colleges that offer Associate's and Bachelor's degree programs on or accessible to Navy installations worldwide. The Bachelor's degree equivalent is SOCNAV-4. The SOCNAV system joins these colleges together to form networks in which each college accepts credits from all the others. This guarantees that you can continue toward your degree even though the Navy may transfer you several times. SOCNAV solves the problem of starting your studies at one place and finishing at another. Berkeley College is a member of the SOCNAV-2 and SOCNAV-4 partnerships.

Where is SOCNAV available?

SOCNAV programs are offered at almost all Navy installations and even on board ships around the world. Berkeley College is accessible from from any location where Internet access is available and permitted by law.

Can I get college credit for my experience in the Navy?

SOCNAV was designed to build on your Navy training and experience. It was developed specifically for enlisted personnel whose Navy rate, rating, and service schools may already have earned them college credit.

What can I study?

Berkeley College offers the following programs as part of the SOCNAV partnership:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

  • B.B.A., General Business
  • B.B.A., Business Administration - Management
  • B.B.A., Business Administration - Marketing
  • B.S., Business Administration
  • B.S., Justice Studies - Criminal Justice

Associate's Degree Programs

  • A.A.S., Business Administration - Management
  • A.A.S., Justice Studies - Criminal Justice

How do I access my online course?

Berkeley College uses Blackboard as its course management system. You will receive your username and password as soon as you have registered for your course. Should you have any technical problems, a 24/7 Help Desk is always available to assist you.

What will I find when I access my course?

When you first access your Blackboard course, you will find a welcome from your online professor, your professor's contact information, your syllabus, weekly assignments, discussions, and assessments.

How do I contact my professor?

Your professor's contact information will be found in the course, and you may e-mail your professor any time you have any questions.

What do I do if research is assigned?

Berkeley's online library supports the curriculum. There are many different databases that can be used. Also, there is a library tutorial and online librarians available to assist you.

What other services are offered as I take my online course?

The Academic Support Center provides writing and tutoring services for all online students. You may contact the Center at any time.

Can I get financial assistance for my studies?

Absolutely! If you were attracted to the Navy by the GI Bill, tuition assistance, or other educational funding opportunities, don't delay! Begin your college studies now. The Navy will pay a substantial part of tuition costs for courses taken while you're on active duty. For details, ask a Berkeley College counselor.

What is a SOCNAV home college?

Berkeley College strives to be the best home college in the partnership. We encourage you to make Berkeley College your home institution. A home college is the SOCNAV college where you begin your studies and complete the minimum academic residency. You do not have to take more than 25 percent of your degree program with your home college, and these courses can be taken at any time and anywhere that college teaches classes — even at sea. The home college evaluates your Navy Rate and Rating and other learning experiences, combining them all into a SOCNAV Student Agreement that serves as your contract-for-degree. When you have completed the courses needed for your degree, you graduate from your home college.

What is a SOCNAV Student Agreement?

A SOCNAV Student Agreement is the form on which the home college makes a complete evaluation of the college credit you should receive on the basis of your Navy Rate and Rating, testing, and any other college courses you may have taken. It also lists courses remaining to be completed and serves as your checklist for future studies at SOCNAV network colleges anywhere in the world. It is your contract-for-degree, your degree plan, and a road map to program completion. You are not a SOCNAV student and you do not have the SOCNAV transfer guarantees until you have been given a SOCNAV Student Agreement by your home college.

How do I begin as a SOCNAV student?

Your first step is to contact Berkeley College at and our counselors will explain the program to you.

What happens when the Navy reassigns me?

All of Berkeley College's programs are offered online, and therefore you may continue your studies no matter where in the world you are assigned.

If you are an active-duty sailor, or separated or retired from the Navy on or after October 1, 1999, you can have a Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) that documents your military experience sent to your SOCNAV college. You may get a request form from your Navy College Office or request one online.

What if I leave the Navy before graduating?

If you leave the Navy before you complete your degree requirements, your SOCNAV Student Agreement guarantees that your college credits will not be lost and you can finish your studies as a civilian — assuming you have satisfied the home college's academic residency requirement and can take the remaining courses with another college. Even after you leave the Navy, you are still a Berkeley College student and can finish your degree at any of our numerous locations in New York and New Jersey or through Berkeley College Online.

Can my family benefit from SOCNAV?

Yes, SOCNAV colleges will enroll family members under the same terms as servicemembers.  


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