Other Grievances

Grade Appeals and Academic Grievances

Grade appeals and other grievances relating to academic matters other than academic and financial aid probation should be promptly presented to the appropriate faculty member, and then, if necessary, the Department Chair, and finally, the Dean of the School. In all academic matters, including grade appeals, the decision of the Dean of the School is final.

Appeal procedures for academic and financial aid probation and dismissal due to unsatisfactory academic progress are described under the Satisfactory Academic Progress section.

Other Non-Academic Grievances

Grievances relating to (a) a suspension or dismissal for nonacademic reasons other than conduct covered by the Equal Opportunity Policy or (b) any matter not otherwise provided for in these policies and procedures must be presented in writing to the Campus Operating Officer within 10 business days. The Campus Operating Officer shall review the circumstances and action taken and may modify such action only where, in the judgment of the Campus Operating Officer, a failure to do so would result in a manifest injustice. In such matters, the decision of the Campus Operating Officer shall be final.

Unavailability of Decision-Maker and Potential Conflicts of Interest

Whenever, in the sole discretion of the College, the official designated by these procedures as a decision-maker shall be unavailable or perceived by the College to have a potential conflict of interest that may unduly influence the investigation or determination of an Equal Opportunity complaint, Academic Grievance or Non-Academic Grievance, the College may designate a substitute decision-maker.