Attendance and Participation

Students enrolled in the Practical Nurse program are expected to demonstrate a commitment and dedication to the nursing profession through professional conduct that is consistent with the requirements needed to be successful in the healthcare industry. Nursing is a profession that demands attention to detail and a commitment to caring for others who are in need of assistance and who are vulnerable without it. For this reason, students are expected to exemplify this level of professionalism in their school attendance and participation.

Clinical and Laboratory Class Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to attend all scheduled clinical and laboratory classes. In the event of a serious illness, death of a family member, or a major accident, students may be granted a one-time excused absence per term.  Make-up time for missed clinical nursing experiences will be determined at the discretion of the faculty and availability of clinical facilities. Students who have ANY unexcused absences or students who miss more than 1 (one) excused absence of clinical will be withdrawn from the course for failure to successfully meet clinical objectives. 

Students who enrolled in the Practical Nurse program prior to June 2016 should follow the Attendance policy outlined in the 2015 Practical Nurse Student Handbook Supplement.

*Students are reminded of the mandatory C+ (75 percent) grade requirement for all courses in the Practical Nurse program.