Degree Program Tuition and Fees

Educational costs are an important consideration for students selecting a college. For that reason, Berkeley College protects eligible students from increases in full-time tuition rates through the Tuition Freeze Program. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time in degree programs for three consecutive quarters, beginning with their first quarter at the College. Eligible students' full-time tuition rates stay the same as long as the students remain continuously enrolled in degree programs with no more than one quarter of absence. The policy also covers military/veterans readmitted to the same program, for the first academic year in which the student returns. For the complete Tuition Freeze Policy, click here.

Full-Time Students (12-16 credits) $7,700
Full-Time Students (in excess of 16 credits) $7,700 + $525 per additional credit
Part-Time Students (1-11 credits) $525 per credit
Quarterly technology $150 per quarter
Online course resource $75 per course
Quarterly administrative
• 9 or more credits
• 8 or fewer credits

$250 per quarter
$125 per quarter
Graduation $100 upon graduation
Late registration $50 per instance
Late scheduling (online only) $100 per instance

Any changes in tuition and/or fees apply to students who enter in or after the winter quarter.


For first-time students entering from high school, the $300 tuition deposit is due by May 1. Deposits will be refunded provided the College receives written notice of cancellation at least 60 days prior to the start of the applicable quarter. No refunds will be made to persons canceling during this 60-day period.

For adult students, the $300 deposit must be paid within two weeks after receiving a financial aid award letter. It will be refunded provided the College receives written notice of cancellation at least 60 days prior to the start of the applicable quarter. No refunds will be made to persons canceling during this 60-day period.


Tuition is payable in advance. Tuition may be paid in person, by mail, or online through Student Self-Service. The Student Accounts Department accepts payment by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

Billing for tuition and fees is done on a quarterly basis, although the student may make one payment in full for the entire academic year.

Instructions for registration and payment of term bills are sent by mail to all students for their first term. Subsequent term bill information is available to students online through Student Self-Service six weeks prior to the start of each term. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and pay the term bill on time. Students who fail to do so are charged a late registration fee.

The College reserves the right to make any changes in the schedule of hours or in the courses of study that may be desirable.


If a student officially withdraws or is dismissed from the College during a quarter, credit for that quarter will be issued as follows:

Notification date during
• First and second weeks 90%
• Third week 50%
• Fourth through sixth weeks 25%
• After the sixth week 0%

A student’s enrollment status is determined at the end of the add/drop period (week two). At that time the student is charged, and any financial aid is paid, based on the student’s enrollment status. (Individual course drops after week two do not entitle the student to a refund for that course.) Students wishing to withdraw after the start of a quarter should contact the Academic Advisement Department. In accordance with the Student Attendance Policy and the refund schedule above, withdrawn students will be responsible for charges incurred as of their last recorded date of attendance. Balances in excess of charges, including deposits, held at the time of withdrawal or dismissal will be applied to outstanding charges. Any overpayment of tuition and fees will be refunded. Please note, however, that Residence charges are fully incurred at the start of each quarter; once the quarter has started, Residence charges will not be refunded.

Financial aid will be adjusted based on the withdrawn student’s last recorded date of attendance. Eligibility for disbursement of federal and state funds will be recalculated as of that date in accordance with federal and state regulations. Refunds will be made according to the federal refund allocation schedule. Students who withdraw or are dismissed after the 60 percent point (week seven) of the quarter will retain 100 percent of their federal awards.

Institutional aid will not be refunded. Berkeley institutional aid awards are earned ratably during the quarter.

*Refund information for online students residing in Maryland is different and may be found here.


Costs for textbooks, supplies, field trips, and other classroom-related expenses are estimated at $960 per academic year for degree programs. Living expenses can vary considerably. Estimated room and board costs for students not living in Berkeley College facilities range between $4,149 and $14,529 per academic year. Personal expenses are estimated to be $3,345, and transportation averages $3,519 per academic year. Actual expenses vary based on personal situations and choices.

Berkeley College does not offer a student health insurance plan or require New Jersey students to demonstrate health insurance coverage prior to enrollment. New Jersey students who would like more information about available health insurance options may find it at the following website:


Residence facilities should be reserved well in advance. Priorities on apartments and room assignments are based on the date residence deposits are received. An advance deposit of $400 is due with the residence application.

The balance of the fee must be paid prior to moving into the residence. If a residence reservation is canceled, the advance deposit is refunded only if the College receives notice in writing at least 60 days prior to the start of the quarter for which the student originally was accepted.

White Plains

Cottage Place Apartments, a six-story student residence adjacent to the College, features studio apartments with kitchenettes and two- and three-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and living rooms. All studios and bedrooms are designed for double occupancy.

Sussex House, a one-floor student residence located within the College building, features studio apartments with kitchenettes and two-bedroom apartments with kitchens, living rooms, and two bathrooms. All studios are designed for three students and two-bedroom apartments are designed for six students.

The quarterly rate per occupant is $3,000.

View the housing page for more information.