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Law and Justice Studies Club

The Law and Justice Studies Club serves to promote networking, training, fellowship, and educational experiences pertaining to all aspects of the criminal justice system. Activities coincide with the curriculum of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies programs on campus and online. The club also serves to raise awareness of the criminal justice system. Any interested student, faculty member, or individual currently working in the criminal justice system is welcome and encouraged to participate. NY Advisor: Professor Edith Linn.

Student Government Association

The primary student governing body, the Student Government Association (SGA), advocates for the student body at large, organizes and facilitates student activities, assists with recruiting student volunteers for events such as the Honor Society Induction Ceremony and Commencement, represents the Berkeley College student population at various systemwide functions, and is involved with new student Orientations for all campuses. Each campus has an elected SGA Executive Board. A monthly SGA Summit is held for all SGA Executive Board members to meet, discuss key topics, and plan future events.




Law and Justice Studies Club Event

Law and Justice Studies Club Event

SGA Students

Student Government Association (SGA)