Berkeley College Graduate Studies Newsletter

November 2016

Faculty Highlights Practicum Experience at Conference


Graduate faculty including (L to R) Maya Reddi, Ph.D.;  Lloyd Soobrian, Ph.D.; Chris Grevesen, Ph.D., Dean, School of Graduate Studies; Michael McAteer, D.B.A.; and Vinita Ittoop, Ph.D., speak about the Practicum experience at the Conference of the Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking.

A panel discussion of the Practicum experience at Berkeley College proved to be one of the highlights of the 4th Annual Conference of the Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking, held on October 28, 2016, at Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan.

The discussion, led by Chris Grevesen, Ph.D., Dean, School of Graduate Studies, was titled, “Making Management Theory Occupationally Relevant to M.B.A. Students: The Berkeley College Practicum Experience.”

“Our students are required to add a one-credit Practicum to three courses that are core, advanced, or elective,” said Dr. Grevesen. “They work one-on-one with a faculty member to develop a paper where they take a theory or problem-solving approach learned in a course and apply it to analyze an actual workplace scenario.”

Dr. Grevesen emphasized that the Practicum experience supports the institutional learning goals of Berkeley College, including critical thinking, effective communication, application of theory to practice, personal development, and professional development.

Joining Dr. Grevesen on the panel were graduate faculty including Michael McAteer, D.B.A.; Vinita Ittoop, Ph.D.; Lloyd Soobrian, Ph.D.; and Maya Reddi, Ph.D.

Both Drs. Ittoop and Reddi explained the Practicum experience from a student’s perspective.

“(The Practicum) gives students the ability to build critical thinking and to look at a problem from different angles,” Dr. Reddi said.

Dr. Soobrian explained how faculty advisors help students to select the right courses that align with their academic interests and job experience, while Dr. McAteer spoke about designing the Practicum courses and evaluating student projects.

“The bottom line is we believe we’ve designed a program that allows each student to receive the best educational experience possible,” Dr. McAteer said.

The Conference of the Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking also featured remarks from professors, scholars, and graduate students from 14 colleges, universities, and educational institutions, as well as workshop, roundtable, and panel presentations. The focus of the conference is pedagogical innovation and improved student learning across academic disciplines.