2016 Virtual Commencement

Robert Maher Award Recipient

Jeison Martinez
Robert Maher Recipient 2016

Berkeley College student Jeison Martinez is the embodiment of the Berkeley dream. From the humblest of beginnings, his determination (along with his family’s support) instilled in him a work ethic that pushed him to excel in cross-country, Student Government Association, and two part-time jobs—all while completing an accelerated Associate’s degree in Management and an accelerated Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration!

That would have been enough for most people, but not for Jeison. Today, he’s an American citizen and a proud member of the inaugural class of the Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies, where he’s intent on earning his M.B.A. in Management over the next two years.

“At Berkeley I developed the confidence to believe that I can accomplish anything. My professors and advisors never let me give up—they gave me the encouragement I needed. My family is so proud and I hope to be an example for others.”