2016 Virtual Commencement


Michael J. Smith
President of Berkeley College

Dear Graduate, On behalf of all of us at Berkeley College — our faculty, staff, and associates — congratulations!

You have reached a major milestone in your education. Though you may think you have reached the end of the journey, today marks the beginning of the next phase of your lives as graduates of Berkeley College. We want you to look at this remarkable achievement as a celebration of your success. There is more ahead of you, and I fully expect you to continue to invest in your lifelong learning and grow in every dimension of your lives.

This year, Berkeley is celebrating its 85th anniversary. You are part of our 85-year legacy of empowering students to achieve lifelong success in dynamic careers.

What does it mean to be a Berkeley College graduate?

It means you join a distinct group of more than 50,000 alumni who are making a difference in the world.

It means you have an education that allows you to bring a diverse perspective and creative solutions to the workplace.

It means that we will expect you to use your talents to change the world. The educational achievement that we are gathering today to recognize lets the world know that you have the tools in your possession to be the leaders who can make those changes happen.

As you move forward into your careers, believe in yourself. Be true to your dreams. And most of all, be confident in your education and the degree you have earned from Berkeley College.

All of us at Berkeley are proud to have grown with you, and are looking forward to hearing the stories of your lifetime of success.

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Michael J. Smith
President of Berkeley College<