2016 Virtual Commencement


Shamira Drakeford
Honors Student

Shamira Drakeford is an honors student graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. With much dedication and discipline, Shamira has pushed to excel in her personal, educational, and professional life. She has persevered through all obstacles with vigor and tenacity.

Shamira has earned a place on the Dean’s list her entire college career and the President’s list throughout her senior year, all while being a highly involved student leader at the Paramus campus. She has been gifted with strong leadership skills and has held positions in management in her off-campus employment since the age of 17. Shamira currently holds a position with Berkeley College on the Paramus campus as an Administrative Assistant.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit and envisions several business ventures in her future. Her “I can do all things” attitude is reflective of her character and her brand and is quite contagious. Though Shamira is still working on her many projects, she finds time to mentor others around her. This year Shamira plans to begin her journey towards her Master’s Degree in Economics. She is a woman on a mission for greatness and nothing less is acceptable.