ePortfolios are a wonderful way to collect, organize, and display accomplishments. These ePortfolios are intended to focus on the skills, abilities, attitudes, and philosophies that enabled the individual to achieve success.

The CELT will assist faculty with their own Academic ePortfolios since full-time faculty are required to submit an Academic ePortfolio during their annual review. Academic ePortfolios use Blackboard to organize a reflective, evidence-based collection of materials. These materials can include sample syllabi, research, professional development, student evaluations, classroom observations, and service to Berkeley College. Academic ePortfolios are reviewed each spring with the faculty member, Department Chair, and School Dean. The CELT will provide faculty with assistance from both a technical and design perspective for faculty.

In addition, any faculty member who wishes to incorporate the ePortfolio into their classroom can receive guidance and assistance from the CELT personnel. All students learn how to create the ePortfolio in Blackboard when they take CIS 115. Additionally, students are required to incorporate the ePortfolio into their ENG 105 course. Faculty can integrate the ePortfolio into other courses, too. The CELT will provide faculty with assistance from a pedagogical perspective.