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Clinical and Surgical Office Procedures

Physicians rely on the skills of healthcare professionals to assist with the patient encounter.

Topics explored include patient relations, preparing for laboratory procedures, following safety protocols, obtaining vital signs, and assisting with examinations and treatments.


In the Berkeley College Clinical and Surgical Office Procedures course, learners will simulate clinical processes necessary to assist the healthcare practitioner. The learner will explore the basics of infection control and will gain the skills needed to prepare and assist with examinations and surgical procedures within various healthcare specialties.

The Clinical and Surgical Office Procedures course is offered in a combination of online and onsite instruction. Learning takes place online with the exception of the mandatory 30-hour onsite laboratory component, which can be taken at any New Jersey campus where the course is offered.

Credit hours from this completed course may be applied toward credits for a degree program offered within the College’s School of Health Studies.

Individuals with a high school diploma or its equivalent are welcome to enroll in this course. There is a short registration form, but no formal acceptance process.

  • MED1100 - Clinical and Surgical Office Procedures (15-week | 3 credits)
    • Includes a mandatory 30-hour onsite lab component

Students learn the skills needed to function in a clinical office setting including patient relations, laboratory procedures and safety, maintaining medical asepsis, recognizing surgical instrumentation, conducting proper autoclaving and disinfecting, obtaining vital signs, draping patients, assisting with examinations and treatments, and performing diagnostic procedures. Students also learn to prepare and maintain a sterile surgical environment, prepare a patient for minor surgery, and assist during minor surgical procedures.

Prerequisites or Corequisites: HEA2200, SCI2100

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students in the Continuing Education programs and courses are not eligible for Berkeley College grants, scholarships, financial aid, VA benefits, or career assistance.