Photo of Berkeley College student in hallway of Paramus campus. Photo of Berkeley College student in hallway of Paramus campus.
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Continuing Education

Be a lifelong learner.

Since 1931, Berkeley College has been focused on helping students achieve professional and personal success. Through the years, our programs have evolved and expanded to meet the needs of a wider range of audiences and the constantly changing demands of the professional world. Recognizing that learning is a lifelong process, we encourage students to expand their opportunities by developing and honing their skills and mastering new fields and technologies.

While Berkeley College is known for our career-focused degree programs, we also offer additional learning opportunities that include:

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer a focused path that prepares students to enter a career field in a shorter period of time. Programs are developed with input from industry experts to ensure that students learn the skills that employers demand. In some cases, students may be able to transfer their credits toward a degree program.

Additional Learning Opportunities

In addition to our degree and certificate programs, Berkeley offers specialized training and professional development courses, as well as opportunities for learning partnerships with companies and organizations. Non-matriculated students (those not enrolled in degree or certificate programs) may also take one or more on-site or online courses at Berkeley independently.

Berkeley By The Numbers


in Berkeley College institutional aid was provided to qualified students during the 2018-2019 award year


including more than 350 international students representing over 50 countries (not included in these figures are over 150 international students, representing 5 countries, attending as part of a J1 visitor exchange program)


enrolled in at least one online class in fall 2018

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