Federal Work Study

Berkeley College offers part-time student employment through the Federal Work Study (FWS) program. The main objective of this student employment program is financial assistance, but on-the-job experience is another important component. Ideally, students leave school with valuable work experience after working in jobs related to their interests, talents, vocations, and fields of study. Student employment also benefits the College and general student body by providing services widely used by the entire community.  

Offices served by Berkeley’s FWS program include: 

  • Academics
  • Student Development and Campus Life
  • Library
  • Center for Academic Success 
  • Advising and Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Other offices that provide general administrative support

Student eligibility for this need-based aid program may change based on: 

  • Adjustments to each student’s need calculations
  • Other sources of aid
  • Satisfactory academic progress attainment
  • Enrollment status changes

Therefore, FWS positions are considered temporary positions and individual student placement in particular positions is not guaranteed. 

The Federal Work Study Program in Numbers

In the aid year 2017-2018, 189 students participated in the Federal Work Study program.

The average Federal Work Study program participants worked 16 hours per week at a rate of $15.00 per hour. On average, they earn $3,800.00 for the semester or $11,400.00 for the aid year.