Federal Work Study Information for Supervisors

Obtaining a Federal Work Study Student

Step 1: Seek COO Approval for the Position

Departments at each location are given a specific number of Federal Work Study placements at the beginning of each aid year (July). These positions have already been pre-approved and therefore do not need to be approved by the COO.

When a student leaves a position, the department retains its approved position and is able to hire a replacement student without seeking approval.

Any positions that do not fall under the previously mentioned circumstances will require COO approval.

Step 2: Inform the Federal Work Study Department of the Job Opening

Supervisors with approved positions must send a completed job description form to the Federal Work Study Department at fws@BerkeleyCollege.edu in order for their positions to be posted on the job board.

Step 3: Review Applicants

Applications are received and evaluated for FWS eligibility by the Federal Work Study Department on a daily basis. Federal Work Study eligible applications are sent to supervisors for review. Supervisors should check their UltiPro Recruitment pages on a regular basis to screen applications. The supervisor will be responsible for arranging interviews with the candidates.

Step 4: Make a Hiring Decision

Upon hiring a student, the supervisor must inform the Federal Work Study Department at fws@BerkeleyCollege.edu that a candidate has been selected for their position. The student will receive an email from the Human Resources Department, which will begin the hiring process. Once the Human Resources Department confirms the completion of the paperwork, the FWS department then sends both the student and the supervisor an Acknowledgment Letter. The student may only begin work on or after the start date on the Acknowledgment Letter.

Step 5: Complete Post-Hire Requirements

On the first day of work, students must complete an I-9 form. This is a two-step process. First, students should log on to http://www.newi9.com, enter employer code 14022, and complete Part I of their I-9. Then, the student will have to see an I-9 verifier and provide identification documents to complete the process (see list of I-9 verifiers).

If the student will be working for the College and not at an off-site employer, he/she will also need to complete the following trainings:

  • Data Security
  • Ethics
  • Sexual Harassment 

The Data Security, FERPA, and Ethics trainings can be found on UltiPro

Responsibilities as a Federal Work Study Supervisor

The role of the supervisor is vital to the success of any work-learning program and, in order to be effective, the supervisor must perform a wide range of activities. All supervisors are responsible for the development of the work environment, including training, motivating, communicating with, guiding, evaluating, and relating to the students they employ. A supervisor’s primary responsibility is to provide student employees with adequate guidance, training, and support.

The supervisor should be the person who has the most direct, daily contact with the student employee. Supervisors should only assign tasks that relate to operating academic programs, maintaining facilities, or supporting the institution in general. All student employee supervisors have the following specific duties:

Responsibilities to the Student

  • Work with student employees to establish regular work schedules. Having regular work schedules will make it easier to follow certain FWS timesheet regulations.
  • Ensure that scheduled shifts do not conflict with the student’s class schedule.
  • Provide student employees with clear instructions regarding departmental and institutional policies.
  • Give students’ academic progress priority by allowing flexibility in scheduling during exam times. 
  • Provide adequate training and oversight of each student employee.  

Timesheet Responsibilities 

  • Verify the accuracy of each student employee's hours before approving them on a weekly basis.
  • Ensure that a 30-minute break is taken and is reflected on the timesheet when the student works for more than six consecutive hours (see Required Breaks). 
  • Verify that hours entered in UltiPro do not conflict with the student’s class schedule (see Class Conflicts).

Other Responsibilities 

  • Ensure that the student does not earn more than his/her FWS Award for the semester (see Award Management).
  • Be aware of each student’s financial aid, registration, and Resident Assistant status as it relates to the FWS program (see FWS Eligibility and Resident Assistants). Any changes should be communicated to the FWS division.
  • Follow proper termination procedures.