Berkeley College Alumni Newsletter

November 2014

Exciting Quarter for Fashion at Berkeley College

Berkeley College Alumni: Briana Cooke

What an exciting quarter for fashion at Berkeley College! Our fashion lab in New York City is humming with the sound of students and new Mac computers. In Woodland Park, we have relocated our classrooms and offices to the 2nd floor of the A Building. Within a few weeks, we’ll also have a fully functioning fashion lab at Woodland Park, in addition to a space for our student lifestyle magazine, Berkeley Bold. I hope that students will take advantage of these new facilities and find them a great place to socialize, study, and network. In addition, the holiday season is always an exciting time for fashion. Don’t miss out on this year’s window displays at all of the top department stores and boutiques in New York City. They are truly inspiring.

And if you take some pictures, share them with us on Twitter using the hashtag #BizWithStyle.

Joshua Williams
Program Chair, Woodland Park, NJ

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