Berkeley College Alumni Newsletter

December 2014

Career Counseling Article by Dr. Hargrove Examines Attitudes

Dr. Byron K. Hargrove

An article by co-authored by Dr. Byron K. Hargrove published in Journal of Counseling Psychology, "Development of Attitudes Toward Career Counseling Scale," discusses studies that address the development and validation of attitudes toward career counseling and the Attitudes Toward Career Counseling Scale (ATCCS). The ATCSS provides two factors that measure perceived value and stigma related to career counseling.

Dr. Hargrove has also written the articles "Family Interaction Patterns as Predictors of Vocational Identity Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy" and "Family Interaction Patterns, Career Planning Attitudes, and Vocational Identity of High School Adolescents."

Click here to read the "Development of Attitudes Toward Career Counseling Scale" article.