Berkeley College Alumni Newsletter

March 2016

Spotlight: Katherine Guirales '05 Marketing Manager, CNBC

Katherine Guirales

Katherine Guirales, a 2005 graduate of Berkeley College, is the Marketing Manager at CNBC.  

Katherine Guirales
Bachelor of Science – Marketing, Berkeley College 2005
Marketing Manager – CNBC

Welcome to our Alumni Spotlight, where we have the pleasure of showcasing our excellent alumni. This month we are featuring Katherine Guirales, Marketing Manager at CNBC.

A positive attitude, flexibility, and patience lead to career success

Katherine Guirales came from a hardworking home. Her parents didn't graduate from college. Instead, they entered the workforce at a young age in order to provide for their family. Ms. Guirales' mother is a nurse’s aide and her father, a former textile factory worker, is now employed in a maintenance position. They instilled a strong work ethic in Ms. Guirales, and that is key to her success.

While attending Berkeley College, Ms. Guirales understood that she would need to be aggressive and strategic in choosing internships so as to build up her connections in the corporate world. In addition, she benefited greatly from the expertise of many of her professors who shared their real-world professional experiences in the classroom. Ms. Guirales was offered two internship opportunities - a paid internship at a small healthcare public relations firm and an unpaid internship at CNBC. She accepted the unpaid internship because of the possibilities, connections, and experience it promised.

“I couldn’t really afford a nonpaid internship, but I had to make it work no matter what," Ms. Guirales said. "I ate a lot of tuna fish sandwiches and worked my part-time job around my school and internship schedule."

She made herself indispensable to the CNBC team during the six-month internship, and took the initiative to seek out work in different departments. That provided her with a better understanding of how the company functioned as a whole. Her hard work and dedication paid off. Ms. Guirales was hired by CNBC when an opening emerged in the Marketing Department.

“Having a positive attitude and being flexible and patient while sticking to what I love has been vital to my journey at CNBC," Ms.Guirales said.

She started with the company as a Marketing Coordinator, worked her way up to Associate Manager, and then to her current position as Marketing Manager. In her current role, Ms. Guirales oversees the strategic promotion for the prime time content. That includes creating and executing marketing campaigns to encourage viewers to watch shows such as “The Profit,” “Shark Tank,” “American Greed,” and “Secret Lives of the Super Rich.”

Ms. Guirales said it has been quite challenging juggling her professional life with her role as a mom. Both roles merged when she was invited to speak to her daughter's kindergarten class. She shared her story and spoke with the young students about the importance of an education.

"Answering their questions and seeing the smiles on their faces made me feel like a great role model for my daughter," Ms. Guirales said. "This may not seem like a big accomplishment for many people, but to me it was a great personal and professional achievement."