Berkeley College Graduate Studies Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2017

Executive Speaker Series Examines Corporate Pricing

Berkeley Executive

Joe Derrico, Senior Director, Corporate Pricing Strategy at Automatic Data Processing, Inc., speaks to students during the M.B.A. Executive Speaker Series, hosted by the Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies on November 7, 2017. 

Berkeley College welcomed Joe Derrico, Senior Director, Corporate Pricing Strategy at Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), during the latest engagement of its M.B.A. Executive Speaker Series, held on November 7, 2017, at the Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies in Woodland Park, NJ.

“This Executive Speaker Series is designed to link theory to executive practice,” said Chris W. Grevesen, Ph.D., Dean, School of Graduate Studies. “In the academic world, we study marketing or finance in isolation, but in the real world it’s not that way at all. One of the things we try to do in our M.B.A. program at Berkeley College is to integrate the various functional areas of management.”

Mr. Derrico spoke about his 20 years of corporate experience with Big Four and Fortune 500 companies and his journey to his current position with ADP. He gave an overview of ADP, which handles areas of human capital management including human resources, payroll, benefits, talent and compliance. The company services 630,000 businesses worldwide, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and nets $12 billion in annual revenue.

He said the role of pricing is vital in any company.

“Pricing drives the business,” Mr. Derrico said. “When they’re developing products and services, companies that are thinking about price up front – those are the ones that are most successful.”

Mr. Derrico spoke about pricing trends within the U.S. market, including pricing pressure due to competition and the rise of pricing transparency. He also told students about the importance of building relationships in business.

“It’s all networking,” he said. “You can be sending resumes out left, right and center, but it’s really about keeping a good network and creating the opportunities for yourself.”

Mr. Derrico is a member of the Berkeley College M.B.A. Advisory Board, a group of corporate executives who share industry trends to bolster the academic curriculum.

This was the sixth engagement of the M.B.A. Executive Speaker Series, which has featured presenters from a variety of companies, including Ernst & Young and Brightpoint Health.