Berkeley College Graduate Studies Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2017

Meet Dr. Mary Wagner, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Berkeley Wagner

Mary Wagner, Ph.D., was named Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in June 2017. She has nearly 15 years of faculty experience, and has taught in the Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business®, as well as at the University of New Hampshire, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Michigan. As a marketing professional, she has held positions with The National Association of College & University Food Services and American Collegiate Marketing.

Q: What does your role entail in the School of Graduate Studies?

A: My role is to partner with Dean Grevesen as we try to realize a vision for the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) that we have developed with the faculty. Our vision focuses on creating an educational experience for graduate students that transcends the traditional boundaries of a classroom, supports the student's career advancement, and meets the workforce needs of organizations regionally and beyond. Notably, the SGS wants to produce managers who act with integrity, and who recognize the importance of developing and respecting human talent.

My day-to-day activities vary tremendously, but some specific tasks I am overseeing are the assessment plan for the SGS and the faculty advisement program. In addition, I will be accompanying students on the Global Immersion Experience trip to Germany planned for the spring of 2018.

Q: What makes you passionate about your job? What are the most rewarding elements of your career?

A: The SGS is young – only two years old. The M.B.A. program was developed by Dean Grevesen and the faculty, and it is rewarding to be involved with people who are so proud of the program they created. The people I work with on a daily basis – the staff and faculty of the SGS – are caring, competent and capable. I enjoy being part of the SGS team, and I enjoy being able to contribute to the growth of the school.

Q: What are you currently teaching, and what are some important things an M.B.A. student should do or know to be successful?

A: I am currently teaching a foundations course for the M.B.A. program online. In the online environment, I try to be highly involved in the class discussions, and to be responsive to student communications.

For all classes, I want students to recognize the importance of being prepared, working hard, and communicating effectively. Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of being a professor is running into students years later, and finding out they not only remember what you taught them, but that they use it in their careers.