Berkeley College Graduate Studies Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2017

Graduate Faculty Share Research Locally and Globally

Berkeley Reddi

Graduate faculty Maya Reddi, Ph.D. (above) and Vinita Ittoop, Ph.D. (below), present “Implementation of Problem-Based Learning” during the Conference of the Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking, hosted by Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan on October 27, 2017.

Berkeley Ittoop

The faculty of the M.B.A. in Management program have been busy presenting their research locally and globally.

Most recently, Vinita Ittoop, Ph.D., and Maya Reddi, Ph.D., joined more than 60 presenters from 18 colleges and universities across the United States during the 5th Annual Conference of the Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking, hosted by Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan on October 27, 2017. This year’s theme was “Hold Steady and Rock the Boat: Stability and Transformation in the 21st-Century Classroom.”

Drs. Ittoop and Reddi presented “Implementation of Problem-Based Learning,” during a discussion on New Frontiers in Pedagogical Experimentation. Dr. Reddi said the session was well attended with high levels of participation.

“While our presentation was based on classroom experiences during the past two years of the M.B.A. program, the research is a work in progress,” she said. “We currently have two courses where some of the hypotheses are being tested, but we realized that there can be several areas of further research.”

Drs. Ittoop and Reddi hope to continue this research and to present at the Teaching Professor Conference in Atlanta, GA, in June 2018, where they have submitted a proposal.

Lloyd Soobrian, Ph.D., has also been active in presenting his findings in the areas of finance and accounting. In June 2017, he presented “Financial Impact on Companies by FASB Changes in Accounting for Leases” at the 2017 Annual International Conference on Accounting and Finance in Singapore. Earlier this year, he also presented “Financial and Pricing Strategies: Creating Value for Entrepreneurial Companies in Early Development Stage” at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Additionally, his paper titled “An Event Study and Financial Analysis of FASB Accounting Standards, Leases No. 842” was accepted for publication later this year in the GSTF Journal on Business Review. The paper examines the impact on companies’ stock prices and financial ratios, which will be affected by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changes in accounting rules for leases, Dr. Soobrian said.

“The findings in this paper have important implications for companies with billions of dollars of operating leases because the market may react negatively to the increase in a company’s liabilities, leverage ratios, capital structure and risks,” he said.

Mary Wagner, Ph.D., Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies, served as moderator during “Women in Media: The Courage to Own Your Story,” a two-day event hosted by Berkeley College during Women’s Entrepreneurship Week.

Discussions included how women are shaping the news landscape, how entrepreneurs can develop their brand and protect their digital presence, and the courage needed to make your voice heard in the face of adversity.

“I hope this forum gave our students a better understanding of how important it is for women to support one another in order to make our voices better heard,” Dr. Wagner said. “It is important for us all to remember that we are a part of a community that needs to stick together.”