Berkeley College Alumni Newsletter

July 2014

Participate in the New Alumni Directory

Berkeley College Alumni Directory

Be on the lookout for a postcard or a phone call – it’s our year for an updated Alumni Directory!

Berkeley wants to keep up on each and every alum. Where do you live? What’s happening with your career? What have you accomplished? How can we help you build your personal network?

To help us reach as many alumni as possible, we’ve partnered with Harris Connect, a well-established publishing company that creates alumni directories for hundreds of colleges across the nation.

Harris Connect is contacting alumni on our behalf to gather biographical information and strengthen the accuracy of the Berkeley College alumni network. The information collected will be published via a book and cd this fall. Alumni may purchase the directory through Harris Connect's sales agents.

This directory initiative will make our network more diverse, more effective, and more powerful. We hope you participate in this important effort and help us to build the Alumni Association so it’s bigger and better than ever before!