Berkeley College Alumni Newsletter

September 2014

Share Your Continuing Education Stories

Graduation 2014

Many Berkeley College alumni have continued their education after completing their studies at Berkeley and have gone on to accomplish great things. In May alone Seton Hall University graduated 22 Berkeley College Justice Studies undergraduates in its graduate degree program!

We would like to collect information from our alumni about their continuing education experience beyond Berkeley, and would also like to share their stories with others. Many college students today are interested in earning a graduate degree. To learn that many of their fellow students were able to complete this great accomplishment can be a source of reassurance and motivation.

If, after graduating from Berkeley, you continued your education toward an M.B.A., J.D., Ph.D., or other degree, please let us know when and from where you graduated, as well as details about your experience. What would you share with your fellow alums if you had the opportunity to sit down with them?

Please share your stories by emailing