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Berkeley College Emergency Lockdown and Evacuation Guidelines


Lockdown Procedures

In the event of a lockdown, you will be instructed to either simply remain inside the building or to move quickly out of common areas and into the nearest classroom or office.

Evacuation Guidelines

Notification to evacuate a building will be made by means of the fire alarm, public address systems, hand held public address horns, telephones, word of mouth, or any other means that may be available at that time. In the event of a fire, Berkeley College employees, students, and visitors are required to evacuate the building. In non-fire emergencies, a decision to evacuate will be based on the scenario. Consideration will be given to the specific threat (bomb threat, explosion, hazardous material incident etc.), its context (time of day, its likelihood etc.), and the recommendation of public safety officials. When the order is given to evacuate a building for any reason, the procedure is basically the same. Occupants are instructed to follow life safety survival skills, not to use elevators and to evacuate by way of the nearest safe stairway. They are instructed to exit the building and proceed to a pre-designated Emergency Assembly Area. If a decision is made not to evacuate, the Emergency Management Team members will have the responsibility to pass the word throughout the building or the entire campus.




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