Public Safety Department

Berkeley College
Emergency Management Plan

White Plains Emergency Contact Information

Address: 99 Church Street, White Plains, NY 10601
Main Telephone Number: 914-694-1122
Fax Number: 914-328-9469

In the event of a serious emergency, all personnel are instructed to dial 911.

The following list provides the names/agencies of other people who may also be contacted in an emergency.

For policies and procedures to be followed in an emergency situation, please refer to the Berkeley College Emergency Management Master Plan, the Crisis Media Policy, and the Disaster Information Policy

White Plains:

 Police and Fire Emergency    911
 Police non-emergency    914-422-6111
 Fire non-emergency    914-422-6333
 Board of Health                                    914-995-5800


 Emergency Management  914-995-3026
 Prosecutor  914-995-3460
 Sheriff  914-864-7700
 Civil Defense  914-761-5151
 Health Department  914-654-7000

State Police (287 West)


NY Department of Environmental Protection


NY Poison Control Center


Federal Government:

 FBI  212-384-1000
 ATF  202-927-8500
 US Marshals  212-637-6000
 National Response Center for Chemical, Oil  
   and Chemical/Biological Terrorism 800-424-8802
 American Red Cross  914-946-6500

Hospitals/Medical Services:

 White Plains Hospital  914-681-1010
 WST Medical Center  914-493-7000
 Sound Shore Medical Center  914-632-5000
 St. Vincent Hospital  800-784-8804

Ambulance Service:

 Ambulance Service  911/ 914-949-0200


 Bridge and Tunnel Authority  212-360-3000
 Bee-Line System  914-813-7777
 Metro North R.R.  800-638-7646
 WST Taxi and Limousine  914-946-9333

Emergency Housing Location(s):

 Marriott Resident Inn  
 5 Barker Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601  914-761-7700
 Crowne Plaza  
 66 Hale Ave, White Plains, NY 10601  914-682-0050


 Con Edison  800-752-6633
 Water Department  914-422-1333


 AT&T  800-225-5288
 Verizon  800-837-4966
 Avaya  800-862-2436

Chief of Police
 Chief of Fire Department  
 Municipal Emergency Coordinator  
 Mayor’s Office  
 County Executive  
 County Commissioner of Public Safety  
 Westchester County Emergency Coordinator  
 Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
 Hazardous Materials Control (HazMat)  800-424-8802


Primary Command Center Location (COO Office) Room 208
o Main Building – 2nd floor, right from elevator, administrative offices, COO office room 208

Alternate Command Center Location
o Cottage Place – Main Floor, Lobby Facing Cottage Place Street

Emergency Kit Locations
o Main Building – Room 306 – 3rd Floor
o COO’s office – room 208
o Cottage Place – Main floor, lobby facing Cottage Place street

Water Location
o Large conference room – 2nd floor, Through Administrative Offices, make right, last office on the left

Food location
o Large conference room – 2nd floor, through administrative offices, make right, last office on the left.

Emergency Assembly Area Location(s)
o Outside – corner of 99 Church Street
o Inside – Garage area at 6 Cottage Place
o Inside – Garage area at 99 Church Street

Main Water Supply Shut-Off Location
o Main Building - Lower Lobby Area, Make a Right Turn on the Side of the Elevators, Go Through Door Which Reads: To Main Water Meter Room (ROOM 013) - Main Electric Room (ROOM 011) - Main Gas Meter Room (ROOM 012)- Main Sprinkler Shut Off Valve (ROOM 013); Go to End of Corridor, Sign Reads: Main Electric Room, Water Meter Room etc. (There is a round cover marked WATER located in the walkway east side of 99Church Street)
o Cottage Place- Garage, Pump Room

Main Gas Supply Shut-Off Location
o Main Building - Lower Lobby, Make a Right Turn on the Side of the Elevators, Go Through the Door Which Reads- To Main Water Meter Room, Main Electric Room etc., Go to End of Corridor, (There is a turn off valve for Con-Ed, which is located in the walkway on the east side front of 99 Church Street)
o Cottage Place -Outside, Northwest End of Building

Main Electricity Supply Disconnect Location
o The Main Electricity Supply Disconnection is located in the lower lobby area; You will make a right on the side of the elevators, go through the door which reads; Main Water Meter Room, Main Electricity Room, Main
o Sprinkler Shut Off Valve Room etc. go all the way down the Corridor, there will be signs on the door for the Water Meter Room, Gas Meter Room, Main Electricity Room. There are three meters that are labeled for the 2nd
o & 3rd floor, 4th floor and Landlord Meter; there is also a Disconnect switch in the new room labeled Restaurant. (There are grids on the east side of the walkway in the front of 99 Church Street; this is where Con-Ed brings the power in)
o Cottage Place- North End of Building, Back Door

Emergency Generator Location
o Main Building - Parking Garage, Inside Wall
o Cottage Place - Parking Garage, Next to Pump Room

Location Generator Serves
o Main Building- Dampers, Ventilation, Fire Alarm Panel, Light in Generator Room
o Cottage Place - Hallway Lights, Lobby Lights, Fire Alarm Panel
o Emergency Generator Fuel Source Shut-Off Location

Main Building- Diesel Oil, Holding Tank Inside Generator Room
o Cottage Place- Natural Gas, Front of Building; and a Feed Line Next to Generator
o Emergency Elevator Shut-Off Location
o Elevator Mechanical Room, Fourth Floor

Defibrillator I AED Location
o By each Security Desk at Cottage Place and Church Street



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