Campus Sustainability Day Fall 2007

Paramus:Campus Sustainability Day

Clothing Recycling, October 25 – November 8
The Paramus location Fashion Club, with the help of Berkeley students and Associates, collected 40 bags of seasonal clothing for men, women, and children to donate to Eva's Village, a non-profit social service agency in Paterson, New Jersey. The club hosted a "Send-Off Extravaganza," complete with refreshments and the Project GreenPath truck, on November 8, before delivering the clothing to Eva's Village.

Woodland Park:

Campus Sustainability DaySustainability Day, November 1
Students and staff were invited to walk the Woodland Park path, where signs with information about recycling were posted. Tables along the path held giveaways and information, including a list of green gift ideas for the holidays. Energy saver light bulbs were raffled. Participants were encouraged to add their ideas for additional ways that Woodland Park can recycle to a suggestion box.

The Rotaract Club of Paterson, whose officers include Berkeley students, will undertake a pathway clean-up project throughout the year.


Sustainability Day, November 15
The Woodbridge location held a cell phone and ink cartridge recycling drive that culminated on November 15. Sustainability Day also featured a presentation from the Middlesex Water Company about water preservation and conservation. The location also plans to nurture a young evergreen tree (symbolizing being green all year) to be planted in the spring.

New York City Midtown Location and Lower Manhattan Extension Center:

Sustainability Walk, Beginning October 23Campus Sustainability Day
Colorful posters and literature promoting sustainability were displayed in one of the NYC Midtown location student lounges. A new Student Green Committee recruited members.

An Inconvenient Truth, October 24
Students and staff were invited to watch An Inconvenient Truth, an award-winning documentary featuring Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore.

Display: What Berkeley College Is Doing, November 13
The Student Center featured display tables with literature about green products and environmental issues.


Sustainability Day, October 24
Students and staff were encouraged to wear green clothing. Information about green products was available throughout the location. Posters and flyers with environmental facts were also displayed.

The Newark location Fashion Club also hosted a clothing drive through November 2. Collected clothing was donated to Goodwill in Newark.


Students participated in a discussion on Blackboard.