Project GreenPath Mission Statement

In July 2007, Berkeley College launched Project GreenPath, a program to promote environmental sustainability awareness and coordinate "green" initiatives among the locations.

Being "green" is realizing that all human beings are a part of nature and that we have the responsibility and power to apply our knowledge and technology to create a more efficient and sustainable society that doesn't compromise resources or the environment for future generations.

We at Berkeley College believe “Earth Is Our Business Too,” and thus, we aspire to create a secure future for all by minimizing the environmental impact of our campuses. We commit to developing a vision of a sustainable future and working toward it by:

  • promoting environmental awareness through education.
  • encouraging a sense of responsibility in staff, faculty, and students.
  • incorporating environmental concerns in all decision making, both personal and professional.
  • engaging in best practices to protect the environment.

As an educational institution, Berkeley College recognizes that working toward sustainability is a continuous practice.


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Copyright © 2015 Berkeley College