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Berkeley College Orientation

Orientation Empowers Students to Succeed



Berkeley College orientation


Berkeley College offers a number of orientation opportunities designed to empower students to succeed in college. An annual pre-orientation called Freshman Fest is held in Woodland Park for students enrolled in summer courses, incoming students, and undecided high school graduates. This event is run by the Student Development and Campus Life Department, Academic Affairs, and Admissions.

“The idea of pre-orientation is to give students an understanding of what happens in the classroom, to speak with them about career opportunities in their areas of study, and to help them solidify their choice of major,” said Dallas Reed, Ph.D., Berkeley College Vice President, Student Development and Campus Life.

During pre-orientation, students engage with faculty from within their majors. In addition, they learn about the liberal arts curriculum at Berkeley College.

“Pre-orientation provides us an opportunity to remind students of the relevance of liberal arts, and how these courses impact and influence their business courses, and also will help them throughout their lives,” Dr. Reed said.

New Student Orientation takes place on the first day of each quarter. Berkeley College Online® students participate in a self-paced virtual orientation with access to the same information as their on-site peers. New students learn about the mission of Berkeley College and are introduced to faculty members and associates from Academic Advisement, Academic Support, the Library, Career Services, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid. In addition, students are introduced to the diverse cultural and community organizations that enrich learning and teaching at the College.

“During orientation, we reiterate the expectations in the classroom and the importance of attendance and time management,” Dr. Reed said. “Activities held during orientation help students to transition successfully to college life. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to be successful in their academic pursuits.”