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Berkeley College Legal Studies degree

Wide Variety of Jobs Available for Legal Studies Graduates



Berkeley College Legal Studies degree


The Legal Studies program at Berkeley College is a great choice for students interested in serving supportive roles within the legal system or for those planning to apply to law school.

Nationwide employment for legal assistants is projected to grow 17 percent from 2012 through 2022, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The market is wide open for graduates of the Legal Studies program at Berkeley College, who are prepared to work as legal assistants, legal analysts/researchers, contract administrators, or court assistants.

“Our graduates may seek employment in the legal department of corporations or in a company’s human resource department; they may work with nonprofit organizations or with government agencies like the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Consumer Affairs, or the Department of Human Rights,” said Marisol Abuin, J.D., Berkeley College Chair, Legal Studies, School of Professional Studies.

At Berkeley College, Legal Studies graduates benefit greatly from the internship experience – a requirement for graduation.

In New Jersey, students have interned at such institutions as the Passaic County Court and the Bergen County Public Defenders’ Office. In New York, student interns have served at a wide variety of institutions, including the New York State Attorney General’s Office in Brooklyn and the Correctional Association of New York in Harlem. Two Legal Studies graduates who interned at the Queens County District Attorney’s Office are now employed by that agency, and several Legal Studies graduates were hired by the New York City Criminal Justice Agency following their internships at that institution.

“It’s a rewarding experience when students get hired by the companies or agencies where they intern,” said Berkeley College Career Counselor Carol Fine, J.D. “Legal Studies graduates also find satisfying positions within their fields because of the viable experience they received while interning.”