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Berkeley College Rahul Bedi

General Business Program Focuses on the Fundamentals



Berkeley College Rahul Bedi


According to Rahul Bedi, Ph.D., Berkeley College Chair, Management, Larry L. Luing School of Business®, there are plenty of career options available to students who obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in General Business.

Dr. Bedi said, “The way to look at it is those who earn a Human Resources degree tend to work as human resources specialists, while students who earn a Marketing degree often seek work in that field. But with a General Business degree, you are not limited to one particular area of expertise.” The program helps to prepare students for many different positions in various industries. For instance, a General Business degree could lead to a career in finance, marketing, public relations, management, sales, or production.

“The General Business program offers students a complete education that incorporates major business disciplines, giving them well-rounded knowledge,” he said. “Of course, it helps to be self-motivated, passionate about learning, and open to trying new things. We focus on the fundamentals and guide students along the way.”

He explained that some graduates with General Business degrees have become personal financial advisors, employed at banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Others who are advertising and promotions managers now develop campaigns and strategies for generating sales and brand recognitions. Some conduct market research and negotiate advertising contracts.

Dr. Bedi added, “From my view, there are many opportunities for graduates of the General Business program.”