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Berkeley College Graphic Design degree student

Graphic Design Allows Students to Express Themselves



Berkeley College Graphic Design degree student


As Carlos Cruz, Berkeley College Chair, Graphic Design, School of Professional Studies, sees it: “Whatever your interest – print publishing, web publishing, mobile devices, animation, game design – a degree in Graphic Design will propel you toward a fast-growing career that is exciting and will allow you to express yourself.”

He added that the field is becoming more competitive, and, because of that, Mr. Cruz works closely with students to help them figure out their specializations. He explained that many jobs in graphic design tend to be specialized. “It’s good to find the specialization you like best and work on it, but also to make sure you are well rounded,” he said. “Graphic Design Principles I and II give you the principles of design, color, and light. You need this background if you want to be a success.”

He strongly recommended taking advantage of the knowledge of Berkeley College professors. “We are available outside of class and will critique work for students,” said Mr. Cruz. “All of our Graphic Design professors have years of experience and understand this field, so students should tap into their knowledge.

“Our graduates tell me they enjoy the flexibility of working in graphic or web design,” he said. “For example, Graphic Design majors may work in a small studio or large agency. Graduates may freelance full-time from the comfort of their homes, or use their skills in design for business projects.”

Mr. Cruz added, “Web design is mixing more and more with the graphic design career. Many graphic design job listings ask the designer to have at least some web design experience, and many jobs require the know-how to design and code a website very well. So this is a great skill to pick up, and it will help students with their portfolio websites and when they are applying for graphic design positions in the future.”