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Berkeley College Information Technology Management degree

Information Technology Management Virtual Lab Facilitates Student Learning



Berkeley College Information Technology Management degree


Whether it’s practicing programming skills, analyzing software, or working on class projects, the Information Technology Management Virtual Lab offers Berkeley College students remote access to a variety of software programs widely used in today’s business world. Using a secure password and student ID, the virtual lab is easily accessed by on-site and online students via a remote desktop connection.

“The purpose of the virtual lab is to facilitate student learning. There’s no installations required and students can access the virtual lab from anywhere on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones, as long as these tools have remote desktop capability,” said Berkeley College Professor Ali Daneshmandnia, Management, Larry L. Luing School of Business.®


Berkeley College instructors use the virtual lab in class to demonstrate concepts. Work in the virtual lab is a requirement for some courses. Students enrolled in the Systems Analysis Design course, for example, use the lab to determine how system components can be used to solve business problems. In the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, students use the virtual lab to practice their skills in using programming languages such as Visual Basic, .NET, C++, or Java.

Professor Daneshmandnia said that he finds the virtual lab, which was designed by the Information Technology Department at Berkeley College, very helpful when teaching C++ programming, system analysis and design, and networking.

“It makes learning less confusing – especially for first-time programmers – because we are all using the same software,” Professor Daneshmandnia said. “Students can work on the programming as a group and access the lab again at home to continue practicing what they learned in class.”

The virtual lab is a huge benefit for Bachelor’s degree students enrolled in the Information Technology Management Capstone: Senior Project course.

“This is an independent study that requires more than a final paper. Students complete a project that requires the use of software and they need to use the virtual lab to complete this assignment," Professor Daneshmandnia said.