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Berkeley College Jose Navarro

Berkeley College Alumnus Jose Navarro Realizes a Dream



Berkeley College Jose Navarro


While growing up in Barcelona, Spain, Jose Navarro always had a fascination with world cultures and societies. He wanted to find a career that could utilize his interests and to study in a country that is the leader in capturing the changing demands of society - the United States.

“Berkeley College was the right choice for me,” he said. “Along with my regular studies, I learned what I needed about new cultures and traditions, and about approaching issues from different perspectives. I had advisors, professors, and friends to guide me along the way.” He earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business in March 2014.

Almost immediately after graduation he set up a personal blog, writing mostly about happenings around New York City, a place he had grown to love. He had some previous experience blogging at Berkeley College and found that it was something he enjoyed. “Blogging gives you freedom of expression, the chance to voice an opinion and to expand your own knowledge as well as that of others. To blog well you need to read, you need to listen, you need to interpret and take notice of the world around you.”

More importantly, his experience as a blogger benefits him in his job. Recently he accepted a position at a firm that builds and manages innovative mobile advertising experiences for prestigious media companies, including CBS, Warner Brothers, Viacom, and Univision. “I support the sales cycle, from proposal development to campaign reporting and analysis. This can be stressful, but I don’t mind hard work because it helps in making my ideas materialize.” On a typical day his team will brainstorm with the sales department to produce concepts that satisfy a client’s objectives and encourage innovation. Mr. Navarro says it’s essential to maintain working relationships with managers, employees, and clients – many of them international. His Spanish cultural heritage gives him an advantage here.

Mr. Navarro wants to go further in the field of international business and says he stays in touch with his Berkeley College professors for guidance. “I just have to put the work in and constantly innovate and evolve.”