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Berkeley College Carla McDonald

Strong Work Ethic Drives Berkeley College Alumna Carla McDonald



Berkeley College Carla McDonald


By any measure Carla McDonald is a successful woman. As a Senior Client Service Associate at Oliver Luxxe Assets, she works with a group of advisors, managing assets of about $320 million. But she’d be the first to tell you there were plenty of forks in the road and obstacles along the way to success.

Not long ago, Ms. McDonald was juggling academics, a career, and family responsibilities. “Not only was I a full-time Berkeley College student, I was working at UBS Financial Services and raising my children, Tyler and Taylor,” she said. “It was hard and sometimes I got discouraged, but I always set goals for myself.” Also, Berkeley College offered online classes as well as on-site classes and that helped as she juggled her schedule. She was designated an Honors Scholar before completing her studies in 2012, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Services.

She finds her work at Oliver Luxxe Assets demanding but satisfying. “I’m in the place I need to be right now,” said Ms. McDonald. “I enjoy my job. And I believe my strong work ethic makes me a good role model for my children. I thank Berkeley College for paving the way.”

Ms. McDonald said that it’s essential to prove yourself through certifications in the financial industry, more so than other industries. “I know that this will differentiate me in my career so I am on track to become a certified financial planner,” she said. It will probably take her two more years, but she knows she can do it.

“It’s all possible, I always say,” said Ms. McDonald. “Just make sure you complete your education and make sure you have goals.”