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Berkeley College Chris Christiansen

Day in the Life: Professor Thrives as Teacher and Coach



Berkeley College Chris Christiansen


Chris Christiansen has two great loves – teaching and basketball – and he has found a way to balance both at Berkeley College. In addition, Mr. Christiansen serves as Assistant Chair, Management, Larry L. Luing School of Business®, and is responsible for scheduling classes for the College’s New York City, Brooklyn, and White Plains locations.

In the classroom

A prior recipient of the Berkeley College Faculty of the Year Award, Mr. Christiansen brings 20 years of corporate experience to his classroom. He teaches morning classes in New York City, where his courses include Organizational Behavior, Managing for Change, and Principles of Management.

“I try to engage my students in the classroom,” said Mr. Christiansen, who has been a professor at Berkeley College for 19 years. “While I do use the textbook, I will frequently stop and reach out for student input.”

In the role of advisor and mentor

Mr. Christiansen conducts Career Management seminars for college students and Motivational and Decision Making seminars for high school students. He enjoys attending Honor Society Induction receptions and also offers individual support to his students.

“I tend to be a fatherly figure for many of my students, especially for those who live in single-parent homes,” Mr. Christiansen said. “They come to me for a second opinion or for advice on career or other life decisions.”

On the basketball court

Mr. Christiansen has been coaching the New York Berkeley Knights men’s basketball team for 19 years. He coaches four evenings a week during basketball season and travels with the team to compete against colleges in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Under his leadership, the Knights have won a number of championships in the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (HVIAC) and also compete in the United States College Athletic Association (USCAA). The team captured the College’s first-ever USCAA Division II National Championship in March 2015.

Most rewarding part of job

Graduation is not just a milestone for Berkeley College students, it’s also a huge event for Mr. Christiansen.

“I hug all of my students after they walk across the stage,” Mr. Christiansen said. “When you teach someone for three or four years and you see them graduate, it’s the most rewarding experience you can have.”