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Berkeley College Design Management class

Design Management: Bridging the Gap Between Design and Business



Berkeley College Design Management class


Alfonso Torino, Ph.D., Berkeley College Chair, Interior Design, School of Professional Studies, is excited about one of the new degree programs at Berkeley College – a Bachelor of Business Administration in Design Management.

Design Management connects all the aspects involved in the creative process, including design, development, marketing, and technology.

Dr. Torino welcomes students who want to work in design. “If this is the career you want, if this is your dream, you should have a desire to make beautiful environments for people to live and work in,” he said. “But if you want to succeed, you also need a good business head. You will need to be able to develop a design that meets a client's brief — within their budget — and see it realized.” He added that in addition to drawing sketches and thinking about material and fittings, one has to calculate costs, recommend people to carry out the work, and supervise the progress. “The courses in this degree program and your Berkeley College professors will help prepare you to enter the design market,” he said.

Those courses include lectures with discussion sections and seminars, offering a range of learning experiences emphasizing individual and group work, along with project-driven learning.

Design management professionals may work in various industries, including advertising and marketing, architecture, graphic design, or motion pictures. With more experience, brand strategist, advertising executive, project manager, and marketing manager positions are available.

“Design never comes to a stop — it’s a fascinating occupation, but one that involves constant research to keep pace with artistic development, new technology, and innovative fashions,” said Dr. Torino. “I ask my students to remember this: Soak up the entire experience at Berkeley College and stay connected with your professors. A good designer will tell you that he never stops learning.”

Data Sharing, Fast

Dr. Alfonso Torino has been working closely with Maria Deptula, Berkeley College Director, Library, Paramus, on the ebrary DASH!™ (Data Sharing, Fast) Technology. Ms. Deptula said, “With this technology, we have uploaded Design Management projects, making them available to the entire Berkeley College community, accessible at any time, and on any device.” She explained that ebrary is a process that enables librarians to easily upload, integrate, and share their digital content with DASH! “Before, our library kept hard copies of students’ research projects,” she said. “Now we can upload these files, and students find it really beneficial. With access to ebrary, they can browse, search for a particular design, read it online or on a portable device, and save and print what they want.”