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Berkeley College Jeanine Tudda

Day in the Life: Readmissions Director Works Hard to Help Students Complete Their Degrees



Berkeley College Jeanine Tudda


Poor health, lack of funds, and family responsibilities – these are just some of the reasons students drop out of college. Whatever the scenario, students seeking to return to Berkeley College receive a warm welcome from Jeanine Tudda, Berkeley College Director, Readmissions.

Offering encouragement

“Our goal is to assist students in completing their degrees, and we have all sorts of programs within the College to help them to do just that,” said Ms. Tudda, who oversees Readmissions staff at Berkeley College’s Woodland Park and Midtown Manhattan locations.

A huge portion of Ms. Tudda’s day is spent troubleshooting for ways to get students back to the classroom. This often involves collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Academic Advisement. Sometimes she reaches out to the Campus Operating Officers and upper management to overcome obstacles.

“I like to say that it takes a village to help students go smoothly through the process of readmission to graduation,” Ms. Tudda said.

Finding creative solutions

Frequently, Ms. Tudda works with students who have financial difficulties due to life’s hardships.

“We cannot help students with personal life issues, but when they are ready to return to college we are there to support them through that,” Ms. Tudda said. “We work to find creative financial solutions and remind students that once enrolled they will receive ongoing support from advisors, counselors, and tutors at Berkeley College.”

Rewarding career

The phones in Ms. Tudda’s office ring constantly, and she is thrilled that so many students want to complete their degrees. More than 1,000 students were readmitted to Berkeley College in the summer of 2014. And all of those students began classes in the fall quarter 2014.

“It’s a very rewarding job. Students are so grateful when they qualify for Berkeley College scholarships or grants that allow them to complete their degrees,” Ms. Tudda said. “I encourage my staff to attend graduation every year because I think it’s important that we are reminded why we do what we do.”

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